Toddler Reads (Part 2) :: Parenting

One of my favourite questions to ask in the multiple Moms groups that I am part of is what book everyone is reading with their kids. The one name that kept popping up was Julia Donaldson. I was not surprised at all because I have almost all of her books.


Julia Donaldson to me feels like that kind of person/author you would invite for tea and somehow end up unlocking the many curious mysteries of life. I feel like at least from the way she writes that she could be able to draw metaphors of life from that way the bees hummm over a flower or the way the sparrows talk to each other just as they wake up. And that is a magical place to be.

The Monkey Puzzle is the one book that Miss Z loves reading and always reaches for. Who can resist reading about a butterfly helping out a baby monkey find her mother only to realise that not all children look the same as their mum when they are born.

The Gruffalo is a classic with the way it shows how it does not matter what your size is but it only matters how clever you are in any situation.

Jack and The Flum Flum Tree is an amazing read showing how we are so different on our own unique ways but we are capable of achieving so much as a team.

Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book is so much of fun to read because of the very clever way it expands ones imagination about story telling and story weaving.

The Scarecrows Wedding beautifully explains loyalty and while keeping the whole tone of the story very light.

The Magic Paintbrush is one of my favourites to read with the way that it explains how we can help others with whatever gift we have.

Last but no the least is The Paper Dolls. This books is one of the reasons I think that Julia as an author does an amazing job at explains many complex feelings and emotions to children at an impressionable age without making them feel uncomfortable. Its a beautiful story about a girl and her growing up and becoming a mother herself.

While tidying up my room everyday I find one of these books in the pile of books we read the night before if not all of these exact books.

What do you read to your kids?

Part 1 of this post is Here

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