That time of year…

Once Diwali is over I start feeling very reflective about the year and all that could/should have happened but did not happen. This feeling is very heavy & overwhelming and most of the time it really gets me down. One of the ways in which I have been able to beat it is to have some traditions associated with time of the year and celebrating Christmas has become a very big part of it.

We put up our Christmas tree on the first weekend if December. We have a few parties with friends and family. We love out cosy socks and out warm pyjama sets. We have a list of movies that we go through. However before all that starts I make sure that we have all our presents sorted. In previous years we among the adults have always assigned a budget that we limit ourselves to to be able to buy interesting gifts but not break the bank. To be very honest I have always liked the idea of a small budget because it really makes me think about the person and what would be the best gift for them.

Last year I had researched and found some of the best gifts for my then 4 yr old but this year want to be very mindful and get only that which will be loved and enjoyed. I had read the concept of buying only 4 presents for children somewhere last year. The 4 being Something they want something they need something to wear and something to read. I am using that as a guide this year.

I know that for some this may be to early but I have always enjoyed the preparation part of any celebration more than the celebration itself.

When do you put up your tree? Are you done with your list of things that you want to buy for friends and family?

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