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Recently while looking for Christmas presents I came across some really interesting sites.

One of the sites that I came across is . Although I have not been able to look thought the whole site there are some really interesting presents presents/ideas. 

I have a lot of earrings that I would like to keep rotating between so that I can get wear out of them. But because I have kept them in a box in my wardrobe I usually forget they even exist. This is one of the best ways to have them out and in a place where I can easily access and use them.

Crown Jewellery Tray

We are personally in a transitional phase with my daughter about her moving her into her big girl bed. This has been especially difficult because with winters its becoming dark really quickly. We have been looking for a night light for her room that just bright enough and does not disturb her while sleeping. These were some of the options that I found.

Lamps : Rainbow Lamp :

Wooden hot air ballon :

While looking for a cute night lamps I came across this really cool lamp. I think this is perfect for the batchlors in our lives.

Hang Balance Lamp:

We have had the tradition of a Christmas eve box every Christmas. In it we have a pair of new pyjamas , a Christmas movie to watch and hot chocolate. I really like this one from Bigsmall and may order it as part of the Christmas eve box.

Unicorn onsie for kids :

One of the best things that I like about the site is that its easy to navigate. also there are a lot choices for different price points. As for the products I think the quality for every product can vary.

I hope this was helpful for any one who is looking for unique gifts for any occasion. 

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