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While this is the season to be Jolly (falalallalaaaa..) , it is also the season for a lot of marriages. We have already received a few invites. While this adds so much more to the festive feeling for the season we are strapped for time. When it comes to finding the right gifts for each couple I think that the best gift is to find something that lends itself to a lot of different home decor styles. I had gone back to my wedding photos and went through the gifts I had received. To be very honest i did not remember where all the gifts except a few personalised ones. I also received at least 5 flower vases (none of which i have anymore) and and 2 tea sets (that I have never used).  

I had to find the right place to order all the gifts that were budget friendly and were all relevant for someone who would be setting up their house soon.

I came across while I was looking for planters. And while I was there I came across some really beautiful gifts both big and small.

Something small like trays or a set of beautiful cups can be really helpful for a newly wed couple because its a practical gift and also will remind them of you everytime they use it.

I also feel something that is mainly made of glass is also great for home decor and can be used in many different ways.

Planters are also a very popular gift because everyone wants to add a little green to their house now a days. These copper planters are definitely a bold and luxurious choice.  

I have ordered a lot of the weeding gifts that i will be giving away as gifts but I may have ordered a few things for my self and my home too…

What do you think is the best gift for a wedding??

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