Advent :: L’occitane

2018 has been a roller coaster to say the least. The ups and downs have had most of us on our toes and late to the party and celebrations. But better late than never right!
I bought myself the L’occitane advent calendar this year. You know the usual – gift to me from ME! 

I am a big fan of the brand and have loved their products for a long time. In fact my husband and I have bonded over this brand while we were dating and after marriage its been our go-to place for gifting.  

It was an amazing surprise to get a text about the advent calendar from the brand. I don’t think International brands have started event calendars in India. Correct me if I am wrong but L’occitane seems to be the first one. I love it.

To make matters sweet- here is a funny story. When the postman handed it over – he gave me two similar packages. I told him it was a mistake and wondered if I was sent two packages by mistake. I was wrong – a family member(who knows me every well) had thought of the same thing for me. The more the merrier I say!!

I did think that the message on came at the start of December and I got my package by the mid of the month. I wish they had informed customers earlier. So opened up 13 doors in one night which was a real treat. My daughter enjoyed opening it as well. Another added bonus – the five year old wanted to have a bath instead of me nagging her for hours. 

L’occitane haven’t comprised on quality of packaging- the pops of colour and design make them look like a part of the Christmas decoration. The cost for the advent calendar is  Rs 4800 which I think is a decent price to try the most iconic products.  Along with the Advent you also receive the most beautiful notebook (which was music to my stationary hoarding heart).You can also choose some free samples with the advent calendar.

The calendar is available here

Would you be interested in getting one? Do you think advent calendars would work in India? Imagine Diwali advent calendars- to be honest-  I wouldn’t mind 🙂

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