Tech and Child

Of late one of the conversation that has been coming up is technology and children. There is the fear of more TV/phone time that comes with summer holidays. I have always heard my friends complaining that TV or Tech time is bad and also that the there is very little they can do about it. While I find myself negotiating about the amount of time that my 5 yr old sends on the TV I don’t feel particularly nervous the same way my friends do.

There are some very simple rules that we follow to make this time of the day pleasant.

We do not watch any YouTube. I have always felt that because of lack of curation and content management YouTube proves to be a big problem. With endless hours of unboxing videos there is very little else that a child can really watch. Also there is no quality control like age appropriate content and language. Also because YouTube is a free service, ads that are shown between the video may also not be age appropriate.

What we choose to watch instead is Netflix or Amazon Videos. The advantage that Netflix and Amazon Videos has over the Youtube is that the content in not only curated and age appropriate but also the quality control is far superior. The videos are short usually 20 minutes long. As a paid service there are no ads and distractions in-between. 

One of the series that we loved watching while she was a 4 year old was Daniel Tigers Neighbourhood. We started watching the series on YouTube but because of ads that kept popping up throughout the series that stories never made sense. On Netflix we watched the whole series again and we were able to enjoy the while story and also picked up on a lot of the songs too.

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