Why should you know your ‘Ideal Day’

My journey with Bullet Journal has been long and meandering…. I have tried for about 2 years to make this system work for me. I have always been someone who is not consistent and where I kept getting stuck was that I did not make it part of my everyday.  This was the seed for thought for me. I actually did not know that my Ideal Day looks like. 

I had to really think about the flow of my day. I had to take into consideration what all has to be done, by what time and how long things take… I also had to strip every task to the bear minimum so that I knew how long things really take. This was also very important because on days when I need to get somewhere by a certain time I need to know the bear minimum that needs to be done to keep everything going. 

One of the things that I noticed was that whenever I gave myself the time to wake up gently and did things that were personally important to me I was more patient and happy through out the day. I was better at handling sudden changes of plans. Starting the day with my cup full helped me finish a lot of half done projects around the house. 

A very important discovery I made was that same days I was able to do finish tasks in a very short time but on other days I took almost double the time. I has not aware that this is the Parkinsons’s law but I was definitely experiencing it. This made me realise that was actually able to do far more in far less time than I had imagined. This was of course very freeing and I had to stop myself from over doing just because I had suddenly found what felt like more time in the day.

But most Importantly I realised that routines are the key to bring order to what can seem like a chaotic day everyday. 

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