Parenting and Reward Charts

Parenting is one of the most dynamic relationships. It is ever changing and ever evolving. I have always looked for ways to encourage self discipline. While exploring this I have looked for ways in which I can bring some structure and also a visual representation for the same. This is to not only help with what is expected but also to make it easy for my now almost 6 year old to understand boundaries and exceptions.

While trying to do so we implemented the reward chart system.

We began with the simple month at a glance calendar and small stickers. “Good behaviour’ was rewarded with a sticker of her choice. It was a simple act of adding stickers to the chart that got her hooked. This in turn led to her going out her to model expected /good behaviour. One of the many ways in which this influenced her was that she started to clean up after herself after play time or craft time. The awareness of her actions was enough for her to understand what the next good behaviour action should be.

While I was exploring this at home I had been noticing that a lot of parents were always so focused on all that was going wrong in their day. We were always talking about how their child had somehow managed to cause trouble. While I did not expect anything different from my daughter I was always pleasantly surprised with how much a small sticker on a chart kept her motivated.

Only recently we have added a small reward for every 10 star. These rewards were small things like an ice cream or a trip to to the park or a new colouring book.

One of the most unexpected benefits that I have noticed is that even though I don’t expect everything to be perfect just by focusing on the good actions my conversation with her is so positive and encouraging. She has picked up on how good this makes her feel and she is always encouraging her peers and friends.

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