Tech and Child : Story Podcasts

My first memories of stories on tape is when I had measles. This was was i was in middle school and was stuck at home for almost 2 months. I was good at playing alone but the whole quarantine part made me feel a lot of cabin fever. My mom had some tapes she used to keep me busy while she was probably washing and disinfecting everything I touched to protect the rest of the family.

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and this sparked a lot of curiosity for my 5 yr old. We spent a few good weeks listening to many stories an finally settled with 2 that we enjoyed the most.

Rhea Pechter is the person behind the podcast Little Stories for Tiny People. She is brilliant at keeping stories simple and short to keep the little ones entertained. Also as a parent of 2 boys she always has the most entertaining way to introduce more concept and characters. And if you have a listen start with the Little Hedgehog Stories. They are the best.

Stories Podcast is another podcast with an exceptionally good production team. They are a team of people that research and adapt folk tales from all over the world. The stories they share are very engaging for the children. And with the production quality they are able to add a lot of details to the story. This really helps my daughter imagine the details and thus keeps her engaged. We especially like listening to The Great Pooka Rescue, My Pet Fairy and The Buried Moon.

For the curious few out there I do not give my phone to my daughter unsupervised so we have this bluetooth speaker that she uses to listen to the stories while I still have the phone with me.


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