Parenting :: Night time routine

I have always been very intereted in routines. I feel like I can get a lot more done if I have the exact steps/things that I want to do all written out and I can let my mind drift and do other things while I am following my routine. While I love this idea for myself I think its especially important for my daughter to have a routine. As a 6yr old she has very little control over her day like any other child her age. She also feels a little flustered everytime I would ask her stop what she may be enjoying at a given point of time and start with our night routine. 

The bear minimum that I need to get done as part of her night routine is dinner, bath time , read a book or 5(when she is not tired) and sleep. But this made her feel like we were doing things that only “grown ups” wanted to do and did not include any of the activities that she enjoys. 

To be able to deal with this situation we came up with some things that she likes that also have been included as part of her routine. 

As a 6 yr old she loves to draw and colour so we start out night time routine at around 6.30 6.45 with what we call the Colouring Club. We choose a page each that we sit and colour. This helps her wind down and also given me an opportunity to discuss her day with me.We talk about all that we enjoyed during the day, what happened in school and, how we could make tomorrow a better day . We then proceed to have out dinner while we listen to a few stories on podcast that I shared here. After dinner we wait about 10 minutes and go for our bath time. A warm bath is especially helpful in the night before sleep because to relaxes the body. By this time we have spent a lot of time just being mindful and deliberately relaxed (as much is possible for a 6 yr old) that going to bed seems like an obvious choice. 

If you are a parent what are the steps you take to wind down and what all do you do with your child? I would love to come up with some new things to try…

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