Friday Favourite Four

Its been a while since I shared my weeks favourites….

This weeks highlight was Little’s Sixth birthday and I could not be happier.

  1. Little turned 6. “Six!!” I still cant believe that. When I had got her from the hospital I though my only mission in life was to keep her alive and now she is six…

2. On the day of her birthday there was a rainbow in the sky. it was her first time and I would love to believe that this was a way of the universe smiling and wishing her…

3. Last year I had felt very guilty that we had moved right around this time and little Miss Z did not have a Birthday party for her fifth birthday. I know the guilt was all me and she had completely forgotten but as her special gift we got her a dollhouse and it is perfect.

4. As part of her birthday we have always tried to get some meaningful books. The one that stood out for me this year was ” How full is your bucket?“. It is a very simple and sweet little story about empathy.

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