Adulting :: Periods 101

I assume that majority of the people reading this blog/post are female. So here is some absolutely unfiltered woman talk.

You know that one underwear that we all have in out closet… the one that is 2 sizes too big and has holes in it. The one that you wash and wash and bleach and then wash but the stain just does not go away. Well I threw it out…

On the 26th of February I ordered the Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup with FDA Compliant Medical Grade Silicone from Nykaa. I have now been using it for 3 months and I can most definitely say that it has changed the way I experience my periods.

There is the above mentioned point about finally throwing away the stained granny underwear. Then there is the complete elimination of odour which was rather embarrassing especially if one has to use the public loo to change. Talking about changing I have felt the need to “change”or in this case ‘dump’ every 4 hrs on heavy days and every 6 hrs for the rest. Now that I have mentioned 4 and 6 hrs one can say that its completely unhygienic to have everything collect in a cup inside your body. While I also had the same opinion I did my research and it turns out that the chemicals present in the Pads/tampons are not just toxic for the way they are in contact to the body but they also cause for the flora of the region to be depleted and therefore there is a higher risk of a UTI. The blood that is collected in the cup is in no way toxic to the body unless not removed for a prolonged period of time before which one would start leaking and would have no choice but to clean up.

One of the biggest fears that I faced and that I feel is the biggest fear for anyone who even thinks about using a menstrual cup is the insertion. I did google this a few times before I was anywhere ready to try it. But once I was relaxed about the whole process I did it correctly on my first try.

I cannot recommend this more highly. I know that once my daughter starts her periods I will be giving her her very own cup.

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