Time Blocking and Productivity

We all want more time. I think I have always had a list longer than the number of hours in a day that I need to complete. This also means that I have at least 3 or 4 running tabs in my brain or projects that are screaming to get my attention.

While I wrote about the Ideal day I was not fully aware of what I was trying to achieve by dividing the day into manageable chunks but it just made sense. Working on the blog while my daughter was in school just made sense, cooking and listening to podcasts while she watches her cartoons just made sense.

I was just trying to have dedicated time to focus. Also by setting up an end time I was applying the Parkinson’s law for time management.

There are enough and more articles out there to understand time blocking but simply put it is when you divide your time in the day that is specifically meant for certain tasks. These chunks of time are blocks of time that one can use to focus on only 1 task and not be distracted by others. To be very honest I have a pile of laundry waiting to be put away staring at me right now but because I am in my work time block I will not do it right now. When the time comes I will go ahead and finish the task.

This is especially important for someone who works from home because housekeeping is an endless To-Do list. I have benefited from this especially because I was the first one to get distracted and start multiple things at the same time.

This system also helps me be accountable to myself and have clear boundaries and goals that I am working towards.

I have been time blocking for a little over 3 weeks and I have noticed a few very dramatic changes. I have been able to achieve a lot more not just in the number of things I wanted to do but also start to finish. I have more clarity because my brain can switch from one task to another better and this allows more clarity. And I prioritize much better now. I can easily identify what is urgent and important and this has improved my productivity manyfold.

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  1. I just decided to start time blocking, too! I’m actually finishing my first week now. Let me tell you, I can totally relate to getting distracted and having multiple tasks pulling on me every which way. I’m excited to see where this takes my productivity as time goes on, and it’s encouraging to read from someone else who is in a similar place as me!

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