Motivation VS Action

I have always found that productivity content and motivation videos are very abstract. When ever I see any videos or read any articled about the topic, the content is all almost unactionable. I don’t connect with that. I consume a lot of it because that is my way of procrastination but that is a different topic for a different day. Today we focus on the actionable.

I have been trying to be productive for a long time. Some days are better than others. The only trend that I have noticed while I am being productive is that motivation follows action… No really “MOTIVATION FOLLOWS ACTION“. The more I forced myself to be productive and action oriented the more I checked things off my list and the more I checked off from the list the more I was motivated. This is not an easy concept to understand unless you practice it for a day or two. Its almost like I don’t want to “let down” the me from yesterday so I want to do more today than I did yesterday. Did that even make sense?!

Now before you start to think that I am some sort of weirdo I want to mention that I do have a TO DO list but I also have a TADAA list. As a human it is impossible to be motivated all the time. I don’t think that is healthy either but for days like that I have the “TADAA List”. This list is simple and exhaustive to be honest. Since I cracked the code that motivation follows action I write down everything that I do as part of my TADAA list like brush my teeth, make my bed , water the 5 plants I have, etc etc…. This proves to be one of the most motivating list just to get back in the productive bandwagon.

I have now been able to get consistent about a lot of things because of this attitude. Do you have some tricks or tips for when you demotivated and are able to get back to the productive bandwagon?

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