Busy VS Productive

The other day I shared by blog schedule with a friend with the hopes of finding an accountability partner. I immediately found that I wanted to take it all back and not mention it again. I felt overwhelmed and tired just by looking at the list. I caught myself saying things like ‘ how am I going to manage all this? I am already so busy….’ it was then that I realised That I was using being busy as an excuse to not do.

I realised that a lot of what I was doing was not really relevant to what I was trying to achieve. And I was reminded that a lot of my goals can be achieved with about 20% of my time and the rest was all things that I was keeping myself busy with.

A simple trap that fell into recently was when I was using multiple app and notebook to organise my thoughts. I was using google to make grocery lists, Evernote for the blog, Google calendar to share my schedule with my husband. I found that was was writing the same thing multiple times and not really keeping up with the task itself. Also there were multiple times I was not able to keep up with deadlines because the task was lost in some app buried under a long ongoing list. This is a trap a lot of us face with technology at our finger tips. I found that pen and paper are the best way for me to keep track of everything and now I have only that to keep everything organised and in one place.

One of the most useful ways in which I have been able to organise is by time blocking. Knowing what needs to be done and also being able to see a time line with it can be a very big motivator when it comes to productivity. We all have 24 hours in the day but being able to see the 24 hrs on paper adds a completely different prospective.

What are some ways you organise your thoughts and tasks? Are you an app user or a paper & pen user like me?

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  1. I’m a mix of both. Some things go on apps and the others when I’m more relaxed go on paper. I also think I go through phases of being organized and not so much. For now the notes feature on the iPhone helps with keeping checklists and I like ticking the boxes at the end of the day to see how much I’ve done 🙂

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