Parenting :: Montessori state of mind

The other day a friend while walking back from the bus stop asked me why I was talking to Miss Z about the continents and oceans. My reply “oh! I have put up this map poster in her room and have been talking to her about the planet and oceans and continents.” She frowned and enquired why I would do that. I was surprised. I was just answering all the questions about the poster. In the bigger scheme of things ‘I wanted for Z to be curious’ I explained. 

I was met with dead silence at this point. I have been thinking about this small 2 minute conversation for almost a day. 

I now realise that the conversation though about the map and the conversation my friend heard between Z and I it was addressing a much bigger change that I have been trying to put into place. 

I follow Ammatoday on Instagram and while I have read almost all of her blogposts, I love how she keeps the conversation and curiosity alive for her little girl. She is very inspired by the Maria Montessori  school of though but what I most appreciate is that she keeps the fun and excitement going by rotating toys every week and keeping her daughter curious and fuel her imagination. 

I know that I have only scratched the surface but with this small little poster on the wall I have been able to talk to Miss Z about oceans, continents, India, monuments around the world animals and where they live etc etc. Its a small little paper on the wall but with the conversation that it has spared in her it’s the most wonderful beginning to a whole new way of learning and exploring. 

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