Parenting :: Making culture relevant

As a kid form the 80’s I grew up with a lot of exposure to my culture and religion. I remember very clearly that TV was all about family time. There was Mahabharata that started in 1988 and Ramayan in 1987 that were the main source of entertainment and family viewing time. this is why I know as little or as much as I do about the festivals we celebrate. 

Where there is the Ram Leela up north or Golu in the south or Garba in the west or Durga pujo in the east, we all have the stories that we have seen, heard or learnt from the many sources while we were young. 

Nowadays we have very personalised experiences. We literally have our own streams that are curated by service providers. The time we watch anything on any screen is now counted as ‘me time’. Also, as a parent myself I know that a lot of what we saw and read is not something that we really need to expose our children to because this generation is growing up as global citizens. But then, how do we keep these cultural nuances relevant and interesting for our kids?

I know we will have a get-together at home to celebrate the upcoming festive season but parties are common place now. 

Over the next few posts I will be sharing a few posts that I am doing to explain the many stories to Z my 6 yr old and maybe learn a few new things myself. 

How do you teach all the stories and festive rituals to your kid?

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