Parenting :: DIY Diwali Card

We don’t really need to send out cards to our friends for a get-together. We can just call them over. But because we recently make Teacher’s Day Cards Miss Z wanted to make more cards to invite her friends. I was more than happy to oblige. I love crafts.

So off to Pinterest we went and found a simple rocket card. The though that pop in her mind was Chandranayan. So it only made sense that we make this as our invitation card. 

Material Needed 

Some kind of bright wool or thread for the sparkles and tail of the rocket

Some colourful popsicle sticks as the body of the rocket 

A piece of triangle paper for the top

Small stickers to fill up the sky

For the assumably of the card, we just pasted all the parts of the rocket together and we were done. 

To be honest, I wish I would have chosen a coloured paper as the base but the star stickers were just the right finishing touch. 

I want for Miss Z to understand that there is great value in hand made gifts.

Would you make handmade cards as an invitation for a party?

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