Parenting :: Books on festivals

We are foodies at heart and celebrate every festival by eating whatever is the flavour of that festival. Miss Z is already aware that we have sevai for Eid or Yule Log Cake for Christmas. We also want for her to know the stories associated with these festival and the rituals that we follow. 

One of the best ways I have found I can expose her to any of these stories is through books. The books don’t just tell her the story but also are an easy way to explain with the help of visuals. 

The series that we have been loving is the “Amma tell me about ….“. This series of books cover most of the important festivals. The stories are simple so that children can understand. Also the visual cues help in being able to draw the association with how we celebrate these festival today. 

To be very honest books of any kind are always welcome in our household and books that help explain cultural nuances and rituals are just an added bonus…

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