Parenting :: Crafting with Digitox Kits

I love the concept of advent calendars.  Counting down to the day when we can celebrate a specific festival or event I find is an amazing way to get the excitement going and also a very good opportunity to get kids involved in the festivities. I was not able to find any ready made advent calendars for any of the up coming festival.  What I found instead were some small independent companies that had designed activities and crafts.

One such craft box that I found was by Digitox Kits.

With a focus on Ramayan the activity box has 5 activities. The activities are all simple and easy to understand. The instructions come with a small write up about the characters. The write-up was what sparked curiosity in Miss Z’s mind and I was of course flooded with a million questions some of which I could answer and some of which I had to research. 

We are half way through making the crafts and are enjoying our time throughly. I could tell that the 2 women who run the company are mothers themselves and have an understanding of how to make crafts interesting for kids. I would without a doubt recommend trying out their craft kits.

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