Friday Favourite Five

I have not done a Friday Five post in a while and I really enjoy them a lot so here goes 

  • This Sunday we went to the Kitab Lovers Book Fair in Kolkata. The concept is that you buy books by the box, with the cost of the box being anywhere between Rs. 999 to Rs. 2499. The city of Kolkata still has a very strong culture of book reading. There were endless piles of books  to choose from. The experience was an absolute delight and we had a blast. We found some amazing books but this was a welcome change from the usual weekend outing. 
  • I have been noticing that with the change of seasons my skin is becoming dry. I have always looked into changing my skin care with the change of season. This year I looked into getting something that would not only protect my skin but also have some skin care benefits. I got myself the Kiehl’s Ultra Light UV Defence Cream. I have been using it for a while now. It feels a little heavy on the skin when I put it on but after a while it sinks in. It has proved to be a very good primer along with all the skin care benefits. 
  • As part of our after school routine we have been watching Art Hub For Kids. We have been loving the simple instructions but most of all we are enjoying all the seasonal art. This has turned out to be one of the only Youtube Chanels that my 6 yr old is allowed to watch and enjoy.
  • As part of the festive season I moved a few things around the house just as a refresh. The process always makes me fall in love with the new corners in the house. they bring me a lot of Joy.
  • November is usually when I like getting my Christmas shopping done. I love to be organised so that I don’t feel rushed. The only way I am able to keep myself organised is by keeping up with my bullet journal. This month I have lights as my theme and its adding to all the excitement for the twinkling lights and coyness for Christmas.

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