Christmas :: Kids Gift Ideas

Christmas is around the corner. (There I said it) While I am writing this post Christmas is 41 days away. Having celebrated Christmas for a few years now I have learnt that getting all the “work” bits done before the tree goes up is the best way to go. It also means that I can enjoy my time instead of run around and get things done. 

I have a running list of gift ideas for everyone so I always have good idea about what to get or where to get things form. 

For my 6 yr old I have some specific sites that I keep checking and buying stuff form all through out the year so that I am prepared. 

One such brand is Cocomoco. They have awesome games about the wonders of the world or the flags from around the world. We especially like the puzzles. The quality of the toys is amazing. Also one can tell that a lot of though has been put into designing the toys keeping the skill set and understanding level for kids. 

Another brand is Inkmeo. My 6 yr old is very fond of colouring. She loves to colour while she is listening to podcasts and so as part of the bed time routine. We are half ways through the Animal Colouring Roll and we always have the Find the Hidden Object Colouring Roll as part of our wish list. 

Bloomy Brain Toys is another such website that we love to check ever so often. We have the Wooden Mandala Puzzle as part of our wishlist. Fingers crossed Santa gets this beautifully made toy so we can make rangoli on demand without the mess. 

I know that dolls ponies or surprise eggs are all the rage now a days. They are the easies way to get gifts for the kids but I always like mixing up the gifts by adding some interesting activities and board games. Keeping in mind the interests of my 6 yr old I love giving her things that we don’t usually see on the shelves at big toy stores.

Have you started Christmas shopping?

What’s on your list?

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