Motion VS Action

We all have this idea that if we look hard enough we can find the “best way”, the “easiest way”, the “sure shot way” achieve our goals.  We start with the best of intentions but we are preoccupied with ways that we want to achieve and not the actual action we need to take. With information being available so easily we are easily distracted. 

I have been keeping a journal about my most productive days and days that feel busy but have nothing to show for. 

The feeling of busyness is usually thought of as being productive. There is a lot of time spent looking at ways to achieve but no real action. This also bring in a lot of indecisiveness. The ways in which I have been able to have less “busy” days and more “productive” days is by making Smart Goals . Keeping in mind that I need to be very specific about what I want to achieve. Being able to cut down bigger goals into bite size pieces is always the best because it helps focus better and make bigger tasks seem more achievable.

Another way in which I can tell I am not taking any real action is when I start discussing something with my husband. Though I appreciate his inputs and also ask for feedback I can alway see that I am chattering on like there is a lot to say. These are the tasks that I feel like I talk about but have never been able to achieve. Where as things that I quietly work towards are always the ones that I easily achieve. Also I am celebrate the small wins along the way. 

By journaling I was able to identify these patterns. I know that for me action is quiet work and more days of flow state and in the new year I would love to have at least 3 to 4 days of flow every week. 

What was the last task that you feel like you took way too long to achieve?

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