Outfits of the Week :: OOTW

If there is one thing that I have understood in the past 3 years of motherhood I know that not a single day is the same. On same days life is perfect and on other days its all a struggle. One of the things that I really struggle with is getting ready in the morning.... Continue Reading →

Loving :: Innisfree

Skincare is a very big part of my day everyday. Its almost therapeutic for me to have that little bit of time in the day to myself where I look after myself and feel refreshed. Although I have a lot of steps from cleansers to oils or what my husband likes to call them Lotions... Continue Reading →

Toddler Reads :: Parenting

Over the last 3 years of parenting I have realised that there are somethings that need to be done on the daily. Picking up after a toddler every night, remembering the small  happenings from the day to share with the extended family and so much more... there are those that we dread and want to... Continue Reading →

Kind of Sporty ::OOTD

For Christmas this year my husband did good. He got me AdidasXStanSmith. The first thing that comes to anyones mind  when they hear Stan Smiths is the pure white ones with detailing at the back. Mr. knows that I would have worshipped them but also kept them in one corner and not worn them. So... Continue Reading →

Hard Work And Smart Work

I remember writing this post like it was yesterday. And yet again I  was flooded with a whole lot of ideas and “resolutions”. In all of those thoughts I realised that i was looking for the same thing. Independence. Before I moved to Mumbai I was working. I was independent and a very big part... Continue Reading →

Forgiving :: OOTD

Every festival is about food around my family especially my husband. So everytime some big day comes around I know that my outfit must have enough room for an eight course meal and desert.   Winters have decided to completely skip the city of Mumbai so I know that I would wear a material that... Continue Reading →

Milestones and then some…

With only 10 some days for 2017 to begin this time of the year is usually spent looking back. Its not the most pleasant of experiences. I usually end up asking myself questions like "why did you not follow up on that idea?" Why did you not try harder?" "why are you not closer to... Continue Reading →

Grey and Black :: OOTD

While growing up I was not really allowed to experiment with the colour black in my wardrobe. Black has a negative connotation in India. Now however I think I have gone completely opposite to this belief. I think Black is a very modern. Wearing black during day time is very tricky. However I was invited... Continue Reading →

For the love of :: Shoes

There is a lot of Black Friday / Cyber Monday chatter on all my social media streams. I have clicked on a few and looked around a little.. Problem is that there is a very heavy shipping/duties charge when it comes to actual purchase. This was very upsetting. However I noticed I was adding mainly... Continue Reading →

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