Tech and Child

Of late one of the conversation that has been coming up is technology and children. There is the fear of more TV/phone time that comes with summer holidays. I have always heard my friends complaining that TV or Tech time is bad and also that the there is very little they can do about it….

Outfits of the Week :: OOTW

If there is one thing that I have understood in the past 3 years of motherhood I know that not a single day is the same. On same days life is perfect and on other days its all a struggle. One of the things that I really struggle with is getting ready in the morning….

Bright :: OOTD

My love for yellow started while I was pregnant. It was the colour I chose to buy things in because it made me feel really happy. I however find it very difficult to wear anything in Yellow because on me I think it is a very stand out colour. Recently while I was browsing the…

Online loving :: Hopscotch

I have been an online shopper for a while now. I love to compare a lot of options before I buy anything. Most of the time I am sold because of the amazing discount codes and home delivery. Lately I have been obsessed with Hopscotch. I placed an order last week and the products were…

Mall Attire :: OOTD

I don’t really like to go to the malls. They are all the same. The same shops , the same displays, the same forceful sales staff. Its not a place I like to spend my time. But it is raining. A Lot. The Mumbai monsoons are here and there is no place to go. So…

Pamper and Indulge :: Foot Care Routine

If you have a toddler you know what it feels like by the time Friday rolls around. Exhausted is an understatement. But I have also realised how important it is to take care of yourself and make some time to pamper and indulge. Now that the rains are in full swing here in Mumbai I…

How to :: Prepare to travel with toddlers

Travelling has always been a big dream of mine. I used to travel for work all the time and loved the whole process of it. I loved packing and leaving for the airport blah blah … basically everything… Now that I have a 3 year old toddler its not so easy. I have had to…

Presentable :: Everyday Makeup

Having an almost 3 year old means there is very little time to make oneself look presentable. I have finally been able to get the whole routine down to the basics. Its almost down to a science. Base :  I reach for  the Bourjois Happy Lights Foundation almost everyday. It has a light to medium coverage….

7 Things I Have Learnt While Moving Last Month

As a child I moved a lot. My parents always made it look easy. Also I am the kind of person who likes to travel and see new places and make new friends.. So moving at least for the most part was fun. Last month I moved from 1 rented place to another. When it…

Whats in My bag??!!

Blogging is a self discovery journey. When I was taking these pictures I noticed something about myself that everyone tells me but I only noticed because of Blogging. I was blessed to have been given this beautiful bag by my husband as a just like that present. Its the Michale Kors Selma Saffiano Leather Medium Satchel….

Friday Favourite Four

I can not believe there are 8 sleeps till Christmas and 14 sleeps till the New Year. This week has been all about trying to be a little more present in the moment. When you can almost count all the days left in the year on your fingers, the moments seem that much more precious….


I have written at length about being the mother of a 2yr old toddler. I am also mother to 3 four legged babies. I became mother to these precious being by marriage. I jokingly call them the dowery that my husband gave me in return for me saying yes to marry him. My puppies are…